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During the first part of the year, students are prepared for the D15 Festival of Performing Arts. Our teachers concentrate mainly on elocution, poetry and singing and dancing where students act out different roles and work in groups. We regard speech work as probably the most important aspect of our course. Children may perform in all sorts of shows but speechwork gives them a basic life skill that will always stand to them. We regularly get calls from adults enquiring about speech courses and they all say they wish their parents had sent them when they were younger.  EVERYONE  LOVES A GOOD SPEAKING VOICE.

Sounds a bit boring !  Not our classes  –  it’s all done through fun and games with an exercise sheet devised by our Director Liz Brennan.

After this we start rehearsing for the big end of year show. Children are introduced to all aspects of Musical Theatre Technique including singing, dancing and script reading. While we always try to encourage children to perform something on their own,  there is no pressure put on any child who may be reluctant.

At the end of the year, we work with students who wish to prepare for Speech Exams or Musical Theatre Exams. We usually draw from the work taught during the year but  children wishing to do something new are always encouraged and helped.

The exam class is for one hour’s duration following the drama class with the normal class fee incurring plus the relevant exam fee.

So that’s it – a lot of work in one year – but it’s all done through fun and games and the children always leave  happy and excited.