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JUN/SEN INFANTS should dress as follows:  They start with ‘Frozen 2 ‘so they should arrive wearing this costume.  They can be any character they want from the musical.  (Elsa, Anna, Reindeer, Olaf, Sven etc)

UNDERNEATH they should wear black leggins/track bottoms and a black top for ANNIE.  They should be as thin as possible because the stage is very warm.  When they finish Frozen 2 they come off stage, take off the Frozen costume and the black should be underneath.  Please do not bring anything extra to the dressing room as every year clothes go missing.  Please put their names clearly on the Frozen costume.  We did ‘Frozen’ 5 years ago and an Anna costume disappeared and was never found so BE WARNED. Penneys have Elsa costumes at the moment.

OLDER CLASSES – should come dressed in their ALADDIN costumes.  Please look online for ideas.  They will also need a black top and leggins/track bottoms.  They may not be able to get the black on under the  Aladdin costume so they can bring oversized tops (mum’s or dad’s tops) to put on OVER the Aladdin costume.  BASICALLY WITH HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS, CHILDREN CANNOT UNDRESS BACKSTAGE.

The running of the shows is

Aladdin  Older class arrive on stage in their Aladdin costumes, then they go offstage to get into black costume.

Frozen    Jun/Sen infants arrive on stage in their Frozen costumes, then they go off stage to get into black costume.

Annie      Older children start Annie in their black costumes and they are then joined by Jun/Sen infants in their black costumes.


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